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Over 150 million men around the world can’t satisfy their female partners in bed. Yes, they all have problems with erection. And many of them have found a way how to solve their problem. Such ED (erectile dysfunction) drugs as Levitra help males from many countries to adjust a normal sexual life.

Modern medicines are highly effective, and Levitra helps men to choose more freely time for sex coping with impotence. This drug is in the group of the three most popular ED medications, standing in one row with Viagra and Cialis.

What should you consider before starting to use Levitra? Are there any dosage recommendations? With what drugs does Levitra interfere? What are the most common side effects? How long does the effect last? Let’s start from the beginning.

Short History

Brand Levitra (its generic name is Vardenafil) was introduced to the market in 2003 (after being approved by FDA) challenging the monopoly of Viagra. Levitra works the same way as Viagra. It relaxes the muscles, intensifying blood flow in the penis and allowing the erection.

All ED drugs, unfortunately, don’t affect libido. This means that men still need to get sexually excited.

Drug Description

As you know erectile dysfunction is a severe disorder that needs treatment in order to improve men’s personal and professional lives. Men suffering from ED cannot get or maintain erection for long enough to make love.

This disease affects men as young as in their 20s. It might be caused by psychological or physical factors such as stresses, drugs, lifestyle, and it can be diagnosed through physical examination or lab tests.

Levitra is a prescription medicine just like Viagra and Cialis that is intended for ED treatment. This drug is classified as a phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor. It blocks PDE-5 and allows more blood flowing into the penis which results in the erection. The drug is designed for men only.

Levitra helps to maintain the erection up to 35-36 hours (the same is claimed about Cialis). However in most cases you can have sex within 5 hours after taking your pill.

Keep in mind that Levitra cannot protect you against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.


There are four forms of brand Levitra you can find in the market: 2.5 mg, 5 gm, 10 gm and 20 mg orange pills. If you want to buy generic versions of this ED medication that are also available through online pharmacies, you should look for other colors. However both brand and generic Levitra reportedly have the same amount of active ingredient. This means that both versions are just as efficient.

It is recommended to take Levitra half an hour in advance before you have sex. This medication starts working very quickly. To help it work men should get some sexual stimulation, however many patients say that Levitra actually helps them to get sexually excited.

You should not exceed your prescribed dosage. Usually it’s starting with 10 mg pill that is taken with a glass of water every day. However your doctor is the one to decide what dose is the best for you.

If you are using any of the following medications (atazanavir, itraconazole, clarithromycin), you should better start with lower doses of Levitra.

Side Effects

Compared to other ED drugs, Levitra causes the fewest amounts of side effects. For example, it can lead to a long-lasting erection. In case your erection is lasting for over 4 hours, you need to consult your doctor.

The most common side effects include headaches, stuffy nose, back pain, redness in the face and upset stomach.

There were rare cases when men who took different PDE-5 inhibitors including Levitra reported such side effects as loss or a sudden reduce of vision and hearing. There were cases when men had ringing in their ears or felt dizzy, got swelling hands, ankles, nausea, sweating, etc.

Because it wasn’t possible to determine if those side effects were related to Levitra, it is still unknown if this drug was “guilty”.

If you get any of the unwanted symptoms, stop taking Levitra and consult your healthcare provider at once.

Levitra is not your drug if you:
use nitrate drugs (for example, nitroglycerin, isosorbide, etc. to control chest pain);
are a woman;
are allergic to Levitra or its components;
have uncontrolled high blood pressure.

Don’t take Levitra in the conditions listed above, because this medicine can lead to unpredictable consequences by lowing down your blood pressure to an unsafe level. It is required to get medical help as soon as possible in these cases.

Interactions with Other Drugs

If you use any other medications while taking Levitra, mention all the names to your healthcare provider. Some medicines can interact with Levitra causing unpleasant side effects.

It has been reported that the following drugs might interact with Levitra:
medicines for treating high blood pressure;
AIDS drugs, and others.

Don’t mix alcohol with your ED medication.

Levitra, Viagra or Cialis?

According to different physicians, men who used to take and like Viagra usually don’t change their ED drug to Levitra or Cialis. Doctors think that all three drugs are seen as interchangeable.

Males who have a complicated medical history, often respond to Levitra and Cialis, especially if these medicines are more effective in cases when Viagra fails. Reportedly Cialis and Levitra often help men with diabetes and prostate surgery.

Should you switch to Levitra if you are get used to Viagra or Cialis?

If you have good results with Viagra, you should stay with this drug. The best thing about Levitra as it works a bit faster then the other two medicines. You can take it on a full stomach, which is also good. But if you are looking for a drug with a long action, Levitra isn’t your best choice (in this situation you can enjoy the advantages of Cialis).

You can judge the effectiveness of ED drugs on your personal comparisons.

Brand or Generic?

As we have mentioned above Brand Levitra has an orange color and is available as 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 gm and 20 mg tablets. Generic Levitra (including Vandenafil) is produced in different colors.

Both forms of Levitra reportedly have the same effectiveness, but different price. Brand Levitra is more expensive than Generic Levitra.

You can choose Levitra to your own taste and financial situation. But remember to consult your physician first and get a prescription for this drug.


Levitra might be your type of ED drug if you want to have sex right away. It doesn’t last that long, but it starts acting faster than Viagra or Cialis.

Besides this, Levitra has fewer side effects than other ED medicines. It still has possible side effects and drug interactions you should be aware of, so don’t get this drug until you consult your healthcare provider and find out if Levitra can be the best choice for you.