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Erectile dysfunction, though a very common problem, has many ways of treatment. There are lots of men with erectile dysfunction, who are having a great sexual life and who have managed to live with erection problems. You also will be able to manage your problems with potency and perform great in bed whenever you need to.

The first thing to do, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, is understand the causes of it. If you are suffering from small irregular problems with erection, then it is very likely that you’re suffering from light erectile dysfunction, which might be caused by psychological problems or some minor problems with health. Any psychological reasons for impotency can be easily overcome and such erectile dysfunction can be treated with sex therapy. If you are not feeling confident, if you have low self-esteem, if you feel nervous and anxious, when it comes to sex, then you should contact a psychologist and advice with him about it, as your psychological factors might easily influence your sexual performance, leading to even lower self-esteem, and, therefore, more problems with erection. Due to this reason, many doctors have hard time answering the question, whether erectile dysfunction is a cause of psychological problems, or psychological problems cause problems with erection. The answer is, one of them leads to another, and then it goes in circles, only making it worse. Contact a sex therapist to stop this cycle and renew your confidence in bed. If you have a wife or a girlfriend, it might be helpful to visit a family counselor, who will advice you as a couple how to cope with this problem and how to relieve the tension between you, improve your sexual communication skills and develop real sexual expectations for both of you.

If psychological treatments do not help and if your problems with erection are much more serious than anxiety or stress don’t get upset, as there are lots of options for treatment of erectile dysfunction for you as well!

Medical treatments of erectile dysfunction are most widely used among men who suffer from it, just Viagra alone has become so popular, that every person knows about it and how it works. Viagra is one of the fastest working erectile dysfunction drugs, which works in 30 minutes after you take the pill, as it is rapidly absorbed. According to statistics, Viagra has proved to be effective in 75% of ED cases. Depending on the causes of erectile dysfunction, Viagra works perfectly for those, suffering from erectile dysfunction caused by spinal cord injuries (successful in 83%), diabetes (in 57%) and radical prostatectomy (in 43% of cases).

Other oral medications, similar to Viagra are Levitra, Cialis, Yohimbine and other. These selective enzyme inhibitors are taken orally and have slightly different effect in terms of length and strength of their action. These oral medication are available by prescription only, therefore, its better to consult your doctor about the best one suitable for you and about the working dose, that you should take. Most of the enzyme inhibitors work by relaxing the smooth muscles of penis, thus allowing easier flow of blood into the corpora carvenosa.

Oral medications have some side effects, that may occur. Side effects caused by selective enzyme inhibitors can include flushing, headache, indigestion, muscle and back aches. Such side effects usually go away within a few hours, but can stay for as long as two days.

Other popular non-surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction is self-injection. Using this way of ED treatment you will need to make short-needle injections into your penis’s corpora cavernosum. This procedure will give you an erection, which you will be able to maintain for several hours. Prostaglandin and phentolamine are most commonly used for self-injections and cause the same effects as Viagra, by relaxing the smooth muscles and causing vascular dilation. Self-injections are very popular, as many men claim that they give very natural erections, which add more sensitive feelings to sexual intercourse. According to tests, self-injections are successful in 80% of cases, when used properly.

Another popular way of erectile dysfunction treatment is usage of Vacuum devices. Vacuum pumps are plastic devices, which are operated manually to achieve an erection, which is then maintained using a special rubber ring. A plastic tube of vacuum pump, where a penis is inserted, creates a vacuum, thus causing blood flow to the penis, creating an erection. A soft rubber ring can be placed on the penis for up to 30 minutes in order to keep an erection and prevent blood from flowing out of penis. Such devices are easily used at home.

In severe cases of erectile dysfunction, it is advised to consider surgery as a way of treatment of erection problems. Surgical procedures involve placing of implants in penis body, which are safe enough and will help have an erection. There are different options for surgical implants. Consult your doctor about the options you have, if you require a surgery to treat erectile dysfunction.